Concert Review: Aiden Leslie & Deborah Cox Perform At Hampton Roads Pride 2014!


To know me is to know that I love my gays more than anything else (except music of course πŸ˜‰ ). That is why I was ecstatic to finally be able to attend Hampton Roads Pride! For seventeen years, this non-profit organization has been around to celebrate the LGBT community, along with promoting unity and equal rights. With recent laws being passed to (hopefully) give gays the right to marry in Virginia, this year’s Pride felt important and that the long road was almost ending. This special spirt resonated from the speakers, the vendors, and of course the performers!


Aiden Leslie
Aiden Leslie

While the afternoon was filled with many perforances from transgenders and drag queens (who, may I add, SLAYED), the main hour opened with Aiden Leslie. His name may not be familiar at first, but his electric energy and catchy tracks had everyone jumping up and down like children in a schoolyard. Even though he lip-synced (which I DESPISE from a performer), everyone for sure remembered his name by the end of his set!

Aiden Leslie Trying To Leave Now:

After a brief “intermission” with the performance by Ms. Jennifer Warner, the headliner came out: Deborah Cox! A staple in music since 1995, Cox has countless hits that range from R&B, Dance, and Jazz. Even more beautiful in person, Cox gave Pride LIFE as she supported the LGBT community with her presence. Though at times her sound was louder than her mic, her voice alone gave chills as she hit those notes (yes, you know those notes) perfectly LIVE! No wonder she is voicing Whitney Houston’s classic songs for her upcoming Lifetime biopic. A week later, I am still playing Deborah Cox songs out, because she gave a SHOW and nothing less of it.

Deborah Cox Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here:

We Can’t Be Friends:


Pride was not long enough for me because the scenes of people being in love was too beautiful to be limited to just a couple of hours. Nevertheless, it was a perfect event and thanks to Aiden Leslie and Deborah Cox for sharing their talents with my home of Hampton Roads! If you are able to attend a Pride near your neck of woods, please fit it in your schedule! Believe me, you will walk away with love and happiness in your hearts and will never want to leave!


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