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New Music: U Know by Prince

u knoe
Every man knows that if he goes to a Prince concert with his lady, he might be going home single. Before Trey Songz, Prince was the original “Mr. Steal Your Girl” and he is still doing it at 50, as he alludes to in his new record U Know. In a new track Prince fans can rock too, he sings about the mishaps of a lady’s current lover and willing to sit on the sidelines until she lets him go.

Mila J fans will recognize that the track samples Blinded, from her Westside mixtape. This is not the first time the two have been linked together, for Mila J had a role in Prince’s Diamonds And Pearls video! U Know will be apart of Prince’s upcoming solo album, ART OFFICIAL AGE, which will be released on September 30! Along with that, fans can also hear Prince on his band’s debut album, PLECTRUMELECTRUM, which will also be released on September 30!

Listen to the track here!


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