New Music: The Body by Wale (featuring Jeremih)

the body
Most Wale fans will agree that The Gifted was just..okay. Since then fans have been able to forgive him and hoped that The Album About Nothing would see Wale go back to his roots. It now seems that Wale has done just that with his new single The Body! It takes a spin on R. Kelly’s 1995 single U Remind Me Of Something, and features Jeremih on the hook. If you remember their 2011 track, That Way, you would know that this is the second time that the two have worked together and it seems that the two have another hit on their hands! Their is no release date set for The Album About Nothing, but check out The Body, as well as the official trailer for the album below, which will feature a special guest old Wale fans will be very happy to see πŸ™‚

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The Body:

The Album About Nothing Trailer:


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