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Buy It Or Not?: X by Chris Brown

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We all have that favorite number which is symbolic of many good things that occur in our life. Right now in Chris Brown’s life, that number is ten or X. Brown has been in the industry for ten years, which considering all of the personal tribulations that he has been through, it is a miracle. Though 2014 started out rocky, which led to the delay of X, Brown hopes to end it on a solid note. X is the beginning of turning a new leaf for Brown that is allowing him to grow and redeem himself, professionally and personally.

X needed little to no promotion because it has been a year long process to get it out. This has led to five lead singles (Fine China, Don’t Think They Know, Love More, Loyal, and New Flame) and many scrapped/revised versions of the album. Despite the wait, the released version of X was well worth the wait, because it gives fans a little piece of each Chris Brown they like.

You like “Pop” Chris Brown? The title track will fulfill you as Brown leaves the X in the past. That could be a certain ex or be symbolic of the recent bad times, but either way, a more positive Brown is ready to emerge from the chaos. Or you could turn on Stereotype, where Brown comes to the realization that his lady is just like all the rest.

What about the “Bedroom Brown”? Well, you can’t have a love-making song without including R.Kelly and you get two forms of the Pied-Piper on X. Songs On 12 Play features Trey Songz and has the two sampling lines from R.Kelly’s greatest hits to make the woman all over the world melt. These VA boys equally share the spotlight as they continue to show why they are R&B’s leading men. Then, Robert Kelly himself makes an appearance on X on Drown In It. Lawd, women young and old will not get enough of this song, as the veteran shows the young Brown how to take care of a woman.

Need some sappy songs to add to your playlist? Que Time For Love. Brown shines on this feel good record, where he simply wants to enjoy some special time with his love. You can also get that same feeling from Lost In Ya Love, which has a similar vibe to Fine China, as Brown sounds more and more like the late Michael Jackson.

Lastly, if you want to relish in the happy Chris Brown, put on Came To Do. Featuring Akon, when hearing this track, you can not help but to get up and dance, which is why it is easily a fan favorite.

All in all, you can throw personal attacks at Chris Brown, but you can not argue the fact that the man has undeniable talent and a gift. On X, he is putting his art to work as he produces one of his most solid albums in a while. Team Breezy should be excited for the bright outlook and times to come for the once troubled singer.

Personal Favorites: Came To Do (featuring Akon), Time For Love, Do Better (featuring Brandy)
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