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Music I Missed: Black Water by Tinashe

Released: November 26, 2013
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With just days away from the release of her debut album, Aquarius, it was only right that we revisit Tinashe’s last project, Black Water. I have been playing this tape since earlier this year and just have been procrastinating on the right time to give my thoughts and I think now is a better time than never.

My ears were first graced by Tinashe’s voice, when I watched the video for her track 2 On. Rarely am I instantly captivated by one’s voice, but for someone reason hers grasped a hold on me. Thinking back, I think it was because her style and dance moves reminded me so much of Aaliyah, who is my favorite female entertainer. This led me to download Black Water and to my surprise, I enjoyed the tape much better than her lead singles (which are equally good).

From the mixtape, her vocal abilities are shown much stronger than her hit 2 On and latest single Pretend. Tinashe produces some of the tracks on the tape, which gives off a neo-soul, unique vibe that sets her apart from what all of the other female R&B artists (much how Jhene Aiko made her own path and succeeded doing so). Hell, the name of the tape is Black Water, which immediately gives off an earthy feel, as Tinahse touches on the subjects of love, in her own unique way (que, Middle Of Nowhere). Throughout the tape, you (literally) hear birds chirping and soothing water, while her voice alone puts you at ease and peace (que 1 For Me).

Black Water also shows that Tinashe knows how to use a good sample, as she uses Tony Toni Tone’s Anniversary on Just A Taste Of Your Love. It is another feel good record that pieces the sound of Black Water together.

Overall, the tape is a strong piece of work from Tinashe and truly much more enjoyable than the “mainstream records” she has released. Do NOT get me wrong, I enjoy the new Tinashe which has given me many records for my turn up Spotify playlist, but I enjoy THIS Tinashe much more and I hope hints of Black Water will appear on Aquarius.

Personal Favorites: Midnight Sun, Just A Taste
Download Black Water here.


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