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Buy It Or Now?: M.I.L.A. by Mila J

While reading, purchase M.I.L.A. here!

Okay, lets go ahead and get this out the way now. Yes everyone, Mila J is Jhene Aiko’s sister. Got it? Good.

Now that the obvious is out the way, we can acknowledge that Mila J’s EP M.I.L.A. has been a long time coming. With a shelved album and failed girl groups behind her, it is now Mila J’s time to shine.

Standing for Made In Los Angeles, M.I.L.A. begins with her second single, My Main. Praising ride or die friendships, Mila gets help from Ty Dolla $ign, whom was also featured in the video for the closing track, Smoke, Drink, Break Up. If you remember from the summer (well, how could you forget), Smoke, Drink, Break Up gave Mila new life in the industry.

Along with that, Mila’s features on various projects help gain her new fans. From Trey Songz’ Disrespectful to B.o.B’s So What, Mila showed that she can help lift a track from zero to a hundred with her hard but gentle voice. B.o.B. returned the favor of a feature to Mila on the track Champion. The song is sexy without being over the top.
times like these

M.I.L.A. then slows down with the Kevin McCall assisted record Times Like These. Mila J continues to emphasize the point that she is a ride or die when it comes to both friendships and relationships. Unlike many of Mila’s “turn up records”, her voice is able to enter center stage, showing that there is reason behind the hype. Proclaiming this to be a visual EP, Times Like These is the third song to get the visual treatment (shown above).

Mila continues this mellow side with Pain In My Heart. Featuring fellow Californian Problem, Mila sings about the emotions a relationship can put you through, again putting her talents on full blast.

Putting emphasis on her gangster side with grunts, relationships with the hottest rappers in the game, and versatility to switch from turn up to deep songs, Mila shows that she truly a product of Los Angeles. M.I.L.A. is just a taste of what is to come from the Motown singer, but it was a solid compilation to give fans to savor until the full debut album is released!

Personal Favorite: Champion (featuring B.o.B)
Purchase M.I.L.A. here!


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