Video Alert: Lips by Sisqo


I will be the first to say that A-List did absolutely nothing for me. I wanted that old Sisqo back, the one that made babies and helped brides walk down the aisle. THAT Sisqo has returned with his new single, Lips.

Sisqo gets behind the piano to describe the craving he desires for the favorite body part of his woman. In the black and white visual below, Sisqo strips down, gives us some classic dance moves (and pelvic thrusts), while getting intimate with a special lady. Lips is the sound from Sisqo that we needed and hopefully we will get more of that on his next album, Last Dragon, which will be released January 13! For now pre-order here!

Last Dragon Tracklisting:
1. Last Dragon
2. A-List (featuring Waka Flocka Flame)
3. Find Out
4. Monsta
5. Lips
6. L.G.D.T.
7. Breathtaker
8. Round & Round
9. David Blaine
10. Victim (featuring Dru Hill)
11. Love Spell (featuring Dru Hill)
12. Ipologize (featuring Dru Hill)


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