Video Alert: Good Time by Faith Evans (featuring Problem)


Faith Evans sure does love to party. In her video, I Deserve, she was partying it up with Missy Elliot and Sharaya J. Now, she is having Good Time with Problem! They hit the club, do a two step, and get the party jumping.

Good Time is from Faith Evans’ upcoming November 24 album, Incomparable, which you can pre-order on iTunes here!

Incomparable Tracklisting:
1. Prelude/Thank You Good Night
2. Extraordinary
3. I Deserve It (featuring Missy Elliott & Sharaya J)
4. Really Wanna Do
5. Take Your Time (Interlude)
6. Fragile
7. Incomparable
8. Ride the Beat (Interlude)
9. Make Love (featuring Keke Wyatt)
10. Good Time (featuring Problem)
11. Forever
12. Ever Go Away
13. He Is
14. Paradise (featuring B. Slade & Karen Clark-Sheard)
15. Thank You’s (Outro)
16. Maybe


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