Inspirational Sunday

Inspirational Sunday: i by Kendrick Lamar


We could all use a boost of confidence in our lives and Kendrick Lamar is definitely giving his fans that on his latest single, i. If the track itself did not initially do anything for you, the official video below will! First of all, Kendrick is dancing. It is one of the most amusing things you will ever see. Do not get me wrong, his two-step, tic-tact-toe, moves are on point, but what are the chances that you will see him dance like this again.

Secondly, i, features the legend himself, Ron Isley, as Kendrick gets to get in the backseat, spit like Tupac (literally and figuratively), while Mr. Biggs chauffeurs him around. Then to cap it all off, K.Dot gets his hair twisted in a vacant club, like only a real g would.

All in all, the video shows Kendrick Lamar being content with who he his as a person. This message is one we should all take with us throughout our lives. No matter who you are and what you do, LOVE YOURSELF, because if you love yourself, no one else’s opinion matters πŸ™‚


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