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Music I Missed: Luke James by Luke James

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luke james

For Luke James fans, this album has been a long time coming. With R&B being diluted by Hip-Hop elements and autotune, Luke James is such a refreshing voice that will bring you to tears. After slaying award shows with his falsetto and gaining fans after touring with Beyonce, James has finally released new music for fans with his self-titled debut album.

With lead singles coming in the form of Options, Exit Wounds and Dancing In The Dark, Luke James begins with Love XYZ. James finishes and ends love with earthy background sounds as he paints the picture of a beautiful love scene that can not be replaced.

The album continues on with other greats including one that I reply over and over again: Trouble. James sends the message that looks are not everything in a relationship and the perfect outer layer can have a very ugly disastrous inside. James then goes on The Run and does not let anything ruin or tear apart what he has special with his lover. These two tracks convey emotions that only lovers can understand and James’ voice makes you feel every emotion through his songwriting and powerful, soulful voice.

And let’s have a second to talk about that falsetto. You wanna talk about going from 0 to 100 real quick, you can always refer back to the track that had many fall in love with Luke James: I Want You. Featured on the album, this track proves that James has a one of a kind voice that keeps him in a lane of his own.

If anyone is every around you and says there are no true R&B artists left, loudly play this album to show them wrong. Already receiving Grammy nominations this year, Luke James debut album is only the beginning of a longstanding career within this brutal, cold industry. Though there are other greats out there, Luke is the leading voice that is keeping this watered down genre (that so many of us love) alive.

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Personal Favorites: Trouble, Insane/Bombin’ Out


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