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Music I Missed: Aquarius by Tinashe

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aquarius “The age of Aquarius. The dawn of a new era”. Although Tinashe has been on the scene for years, working hard at her craft, 2014 was undoubtedly her breakout year. Giving fans the anthem for turnups around the world, Tinashe gained a number one hit and a multitude of fans from 2 On. Yet, she is so much more than this record. Sure, the girl can have fun and get down with the get down, but her debut album Aquarius shows that there is so much more depth and versatility to who she is as an artist. Below are 5 tracks from the album that you MUST hear!

1. Aquarius: This opening track to her debut album is perfect. Although Tinashe has such a stong voice, she takes the airy, seductive route as she reiterates the brand new age that we should all prepare for. Aquarius is one you can meditate to, along with rocking your hips in a classy way.

2. Cold Sweat: Let me tell yall something. This song right here is life. Honestly, Aquarius could just be a repeat of this track 16 times and I would be 100% content. Pressure damn sure ain’t for everybody and everybody hates a yes man. On this track, Tinashe does not let a little Cold Sweat stop her from her goals, reiterating once again that it is her time. If you do not do anything else, skip to 2:27 of this track where she lets out the most powerful “yeah” that you have heard in awhile, which will jumpstart the energy to put the naysayers aside and do what you need to do!

3. How Many Times (featuring Future): Enough of the positive songs. On Aquarius, Tinashe shows off her sexy side on this record, while the title speaks for itself: how many times can we make love in one night? Like everything else, Future ruins the record, but Tinashe makes up for it.

4. All Hands On Deck: This track is for the 2 On lovers who need another up-tempo record from the Cali girl. It is a surprise that this record was not made a lead single, but it is a great break from some of the heavy themes on the album.

5. Far Side Of The Moon: This is the last full record on the album with the lyrics alone filled with poetry and emotions. Tinashe lets out her all on Aquarius’ grand finale, for another single-worthy record. She sings about leaving her heart alone and giving up on the thought of love. If you still need anymore proof of Tinashe’s vocal capability, this is the record for you.

Some cite this as one of the best R&B albums of 2014 and I would have to agree with them. Coming from a record like 2 On, most would not expect such a strong compilation for a debut album, but Tinashe came harder than anyone imagined. Mark my word: if you are not already on this wave of Aquarius, years from now you will regret it because as I have said time and time again: Tinashe is here to stay!


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