#WCW: BJ The Chicago Kid Covers 90’s R&B Top Records For “One In A Million”!

Weekly Cover Wednesday!
One In A Million

Most music lovers can collectively agree that the 90’s had a special impact on R&B music bringing us our favorite artists and songs. It has gone own to influence some of the newcomers in the industry today. One of those artist include BJ The Chicago Kid whom is highhandedly the epitome of soul.

In one of his recent videos, One In A Million, the Kid covers three memorable 90’s tracks: Aaliyah’s One In A Million, R. Kelly’s R&B Thug, and Jodeci’s Feenin. The video features a tri split screen with BJ in the middle and the upper and lower layer playing the video for the corresponding cover. BJ does a great job taking us back down memory lane to some of our favorite recrds. You can find One In A Million on BJ’s latest project, The M.A.F.E. Project, here!


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