New Music: Mascara by Jazmine Sullivan

Sadly, reality shows are becoming a top career choice for many young woman who see it as an easy way to gain fame, popularity, and fortune. Leave it to incredible songwriter Jazmine Sullivan to write a satirical record about the sadness that is going on in modern day culture.

Titled Mascara, Sullivan speaks from a cliche reality show star point of view who feels the need to work for nothing and always “stay on” because that is how they get their checks. Fans can look forward to hearing more new, long-awaited Jazmine Sullivan records from her upcoming album, Reality Show, which will be released tomorrow (January 13)! Pre-order the album here and preview the tracklisting below!

Reality Show Tracklisting:
1. Dumb (featuring Meek Mill)
2. Mascara
3. Brand New
4. Silver Lining
5. #HoodLove
6. Let It Burn
7. Veins
8. Forever Don’t Last
9. Stupid Girl
10. Stanley
11. Masterpiece (Mona Lisa)
12. If You Dare


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