Video Alert: Focused On You by Eric Bellinger (featuring 2 Chainz)

focused on you

First of all, who knew Eric Bellinger had a child on the way, let alone MARRIED!?! I guess not many of you because that was the surprise music news that hit the web this week. Bellinger recently married Megan Good’s big sister, La’Miya Good, who is very far along with their baby boy! Despite keeping their relationship a secret for awhile, the couple came public this week with the photo below, and you have to admit that they are very cute! Congrads!

Now for what you all came here for! Musically, Eric Bellinger is back with his latest video to his record Focused On You! The track features 2 Chainz and samples Nas’ Oochie Wally! Focused On You has a slew of cameos including Tyrese, Kid Ink, and Love & Hip Hop’s Mali Music. One cameo in particular is very special to see again- Mya- who plays Bellinger’s love interest.

If you recall, Mya and Bellinger collaborated last year on the track Same Page, which was featured on Mya’s Sweet XVII EP. They would be cute together, but with the whole marriage thing, that won’t work out too well. Anyways, Focused On You is the first record from Bellinger’s upcoming project, Cuffin Season!


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