Inspirational Sunday

Inspirational Sunday: We Are One by Elijah Blake

we are one

Although the issue of race relations has toned down significantly from last year, it is still a topic that has to be addressed in the country. Despite the hate that happens, we must not let it get the best of us and remember that we are one. Elijah Blake sends this pivotal message in his latest record, We Are One, as he sings:

There’s one world,
one nation under God.
There’s one us.
We are one, we are one.

The video features images that many of us have seen on television from various public cases, along with Elijah Blake and many others peacefully protesting. We Are One concludes with a message from Tupac which is always powerful in itself. This Inspirational Sunday, I encourage you to continue to love your fellow brothers and sisters on this Earth, no matter how different we are. It may be hard sometimes, but this world can not grow if we do not spread love or remember that we are all in this together!


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