Video Alert: Ayo by Chris Brown & Tyga

Mase & Puffy 2015?

Chris Brown and Tyga have a lot of making up to do after postponing their Between The Sheets tour. They plan to start by releasing a new visual for their record Ayo. Recreating Mase’s Mo Money, Mo Problems, th two wear flourescent colored outfits reminiscent of the tacky fashion that was in the nineties.

Ayo would be perfect except for one minor thing: the two seemingly use Mike Epps to joke about Brown’s failure to complete community service. That joke would be completely hehehaw worthy, except for the simple fact that many of Breezy’s loyal fans (including myself) spent a lot of money on that concert, with no idea if or when it will be rescheduled. MONEY DOES NOT GROW ON TREES so this whole fiasco is sad to see Breezy making a joke out of it. Day by day, fans are growing more and more irritated, so I suggest Breezy get the tour rolling very soon.

Rant done.

Fan Of A Fan 2 will be available February 24!


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