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Music I Missed: Festivus by Wale

Original Release Date: December 23, 2014

00 - Wale_x_A-Trak_Festivus-front-large

Helping to build the anticipation for The Album About Nothing, as a Christmas gift to fans, Wale released a new mixtape called Festivus. Even though I will loudly shout that I was not a fan of The Gifted, Festivus GIVES ME LIFE and reminds me why a fell in love with Wale’s lyricism. The tape starts out with the soulful samples that are much needed in Hip-Hop. Wale then goes on to his poetic, storytelling with Girls On Drugs, which highlights the relationship between drugs and coping with life.

Of course a compilation is not complete with Wale giving the ladies something to rock to and on Festivus, that record is Tonight, which is reminiscent of the DC go-go sound. Festivus also features some big Hip-Hop names including Pusha T (The Deep End) and Chance The Rapper (Friendship Heights), which makes it hard to pick a favorite from the album. Overall, Festivus is what many long-time Wale fans missed and I hope and pray that Festivus is just a teaser of what we can expect on The Album About Nothing, which will be released March 31!

Download Festivus here!

Personal Favorites: Girls On Drugs, Keep It Moving (featuring Ab-Soul)

P.S. Next Thursday I will be seeing Wale (yet, again), so be on the lookout for that recap πŸ™‚


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